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Cottonwood Creek Ranch

Cottonwood Creek Ranch





Cottonwood Ranch offers that hard to find combination of a solid working ranch combined with outstanding hunting and fishing opportunities. The ranch rates at approximately 500 animal units on a self-sustaining year round basis. With proper management it is capable of generating serious income and tax advantages. Top this with wild life and fishery opportunities and you will be hard pressed to match anything on today's market on a dollar for dollar basis.


Cottonwood Creek Ranch is located on the eastern edge of Oregon's Blue Mountains, Harney County, approximately 60 miles east of the community of Burns.







Cottonwood Creek Ranch











BLM PERMIT 4/15 – 10/1 - 1,620 +/- ACRES PRIVATE LEASE









Cottonwood Creek Ranch




At headquarters you will find an approximate 23 acre man made lake 1½ acre pond currently yielding bass, bluegill, & catfish. The lake does not fluctuate in depth or surface area. A spring with a fresh constant flow of approximately 4,000 gpm raises at the bottom of the lake. The lake could readly be stocked with trout if desired. Over flow from the lake also facilitates a wildlife sactuary for nesting geese, ducks, pheasants, mule deer and variousother wet-land species. Trout are stocked annually by the Oregon Department of fish and wildlife in the cottonwood reservoir approximately 4 miles north of HQ's. Landowner hunting tags of 4 each, deer, elk, and 1 antelope are currently available to the owner's and immediate family. Two of such tags may be given to a non owner or family member.





Cottonwood Creek Ranch





At the time of this writing the ranch is running approximately 500 animal units, including cows, yearling heifers and bulls. Cows are bred to begin calving February 15th with weaning in early October. Calves are historically sold via video and/or private treaty at time of weaning. 2016 steer calves shipped averaging 575 pounds; their heifer mates at 550 pounds. Larger heifers have sometimes been purchased for replacement programs of other ranches. All Cows are black and exposed to Black Angus bulls. Cattle hit grass beginning April 15th utilizing both deeded, BLM and private lease lands. Thirteen separately fenced pastures allow for a tight management program for both breeding and grazing. Cows generally pass the fall preg-check in the 96% - 97% category. Approximately two tons of hay is considered adequate for carrying a cow through the feeding season. Full feed generally begins around December 1st. The ranch produces approximately 1, 000 to 1,200 tons grass hay.






Cottonwood Creek Ranch





Cottonwood Creek exhibits quality management and hard work. A full time employee, part time owner, and a little wife help, when needed, carry the operation.


The current manager is willing to stay if an agreement can be reached with the new owner. Guaranteed, you will not find anyone better.


The owner is present at calving, haying and shipping. The cow herd and bulls will easily rate in the top ten percentile, as to quality and uniformity on any range type operation in the country






Thorn Creek Ranch


WATER/IRRIGATION (A must read if interested)

FREE DEPENDABLE WATER! Approximately 450 acres irrigated hay and pasture. Source, volume, dependability and expense of irrigation water give the Cottonwood Creek Ranch a top rating over 99% of other ranches in the country. The spring, producing a constant flow of approximately 4,000 GPM feeds the23 acre man-made lake which in turn, one-half flows into the 1 ½ acre lake. Water is then diverted for flooding, via gated pipe, of approximately 170 acres. In addition, two artesian wells supply flood water into a seven year old Valley Pivot of approximately 140 acres and a six year old Valley Pivot of approximately 40 acres. The above water is free, sourced on the deeded land and used on the deeded land. The ranch experienced no shortage of irrigation water during the past several drought years.


In addition to the above, the ranch has a one sixth supplemental interest in the Cottonwood Reservoir, located approximately 4 miles upstream from the irrigated acreage. 2016 reservoir expense for operation and maintenance was approximately $580. Cottonwood Reservoir generally allows for two flooding's of the irrigated lands. In addition, early high water not captured in the reservoir, is shared by members. The second flow is generally reserved for use after first cutting thus allowing for regrowth of a 2nd cutting or pasture. There is, however, adequate water without the reservoir.



Cottonwood Creek Ranch



Overall improvements rate from good to excellent. The home settings are situated at the end of a private drive. The owner's home, with attractive landscaping, sits between the two man-made lakes overlooking the valley. Covered working facilities are designed for handling cattle with minimal labor. Scales weigh in at 120,000 pounds. Shipping, loading and crowding pens are easily accessed by modern transportation.


Owner's home: approximately 3,800 sq. ft. 4 BR, 2 bath, AC, built in 1978– Lake house: approximately 2,200 sq. ft., 3 BR, 2 bath, office and/or 4th BR - Foreman's house is a newer manufactured home, approximately 1,450 sq. ft. 3 BR 2 bath, AC, new in 2009 – guest house or office: approximately 700 sq. ft. 2BR, 1 bath near working area.


Approximately 1,050 ton metal hay storage, metal shop w/concrete floor, calving barn, horse barn, loafing sheds, several lots w/concrete feed bunks and aprons, quality covered working area w/ hydraulic squeeze, circular lead-up, heated vet room holding and sorting pens and more.The ranch was once operated as a pure bred Brangus operation and would still lend itself to such. The prior owner's reportedly ran 600 pure bred cows but did purchase some additional winter feed.



Cottonwood Creek Ranch




Schools; grades 1 – 8 are at Drewsey. High school; grades 9 – 12 are at Crane approximately 45 miles southwest. Most outback high school students in Harney County are housed in a dormitory at the Crane school. At present; school runs Monday through Thursday leaving a three day weekend for the kids.


Any graduating student attending Crane high school, (grades 9 thru 12) currently qualifies for paid tuition at Oregon State University for four years: providing that student is seeking a degree in some area of agriculture and a goal of returning to Harney County.












Cottonwood Creek Ranch

Cottonwood Creek Ranch

ASKING PRICE $4,500,000


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This information is from sources deemed reliable but is not guaranteed by the owners or AgriLands Real Estate. Purchaser shall have the sole responsibility to inspect the property and inform himself of the true condition thereof. Purchaser accepts this responsibility before submitting any offer or executing any contract. This offer is subject to prior sale or withdrawal by owner or agent at any time. Livestock capacity, crop production and wildlife amenities are estimated and subject to variation depending upon management, weather conditions and government permits and grazing policies.



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